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View the KenMor Electric gallery of traffic projects.

KenMor Electric's Traffic Division is unique in the typeView KenMor traffic project photos of work we perform.  The Traffic Division's work consists mainly of traffic signal, highway lighting, and highway sign projects for TX DOT or various cities in our region.  Although this may sound simple, it is anything but.  At Traffic, we are working on or have completed projects such as the following:

  • Lane control signals

  • Wireless CDMA modems

  • Red light cameras

  • VIVDS (video image vehicle detection)

  • Cameras

  • Overhead sign structures

  • Wheelchair ramps

  • Left turn lanes

  • HOV systems

  • Light rail systems

  • F/O interconnection and surveillance

The projects above represent only a few examples of KenMor's capabilities.  We specialize in all forms of traffic signal, signing, and lighting installation and maintenance.  In addition, we also provide on-call service for emergency repairs, hurricane damage or knockdown replacement.  KenMor Traffic also has extensive experience in moving high or wide loads.

KenMor Traffic will also perform all of your design-build needs and expedite construction.  If you have any questions or would like some information, feel free to contact Ziggy Ruiz.