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KenMor Electric is the exclusive provider of TEGG services for the greater Houston and Galveston area.

Get an in-depth view of how TEGG services can prevent  property loss.  View our TEGG online presentation (requires Adobe Flash Player).

TEGG services provide thorough and cost-effective electrical service evaluations by utilizing infrared thermography, a system that measures the infrared energy of an object's surface and produces a detailed visual image showing its operating temperatures.  It operates without physical contact and offers building operators a safe, online means to evaluate the electrical operation of any property.  Use state-of-the-art TEGG technology to prevent problems before they occur.  Via TEGG surveys of electrical equipment, insurance researchers found an average of nine serious deficiencies per site...with an estimated average savings of over $8,000 in property losses.


Why should businesses choose TEGG?

  • Compliments existing building maintenance

  • Custom design and implementation

  • Provides advance warning of future electrical problems

  • Assists in maintaining your business profitability and safety

  • Cost-effective and guaranteed

As part of the TEGG Network, KenMor Electric is the only authorized electrical contractor in the area to have completed the comprehensive training to offer the unique system of techniques and software provided by the TEGG Corporation. 

For all your TEGG preventive maintenance request, please contact:

Kenny Hockin

Electrical Services Specialist / TEGG

Phone 713-490-2815

Cell 281-686-1845